Our Vision

Many families in America today have  been struck by destructive forces. Divorce, single parent homes, alcoholism, abuse, drug addiction, teenage pregnancies, abortion, and many other problems and evils plague America’s families. In an age of progressivism, immorality, and Godlessness, our church is committed to the task of building strong godly families and helping them excel in a good testimony, in love to Jesus Christ, and in service to God through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God! Our goal is to equip families and individuals with the truth to set them free from the bondage of sin, and to give them the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Our vision is for multi-generational faithfulness to God and His Word. Because Satan knows the strength of any society or nation is the family, he will stop at nothing to bring the American home to wreck and ruin! But, we at Beaver Falls Baptist Church stand opposed to his diabolic plan. We will expose his lies, and exalt God’s truth! Real truth can only be found in Jesus Christ and His Word. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.” In a world of relativism, insecurity, false ideas, and moral decay, it is refreshing to hear the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ taught without compromise. What families and individuals need in this uncertain, dark world is an accurate compass (the Bible) and Jesus, the Light of the world.

About the Pastor Bond

Pastor Bond has been pastoring for 30 years, 25 years as Pastor here in Clatskanie. He and his wife Scherrie have been married for 51 years. He is the father of 15 children: 13 married, 1 at home, and 1 in Heaven. He also has 72 grandchildren. Most of Pastor’s large family and extended family serve as members of Beaver Falls Baptist. Pastor Bond attended Bible college in Indiana and graduated in 1976.

Our Doctrinal Statement

The Bible
The True God
Jesus Christ
Holy Spirit
Man and Depravity
The Blood Atonement
The Resurrection of Christ
The Blessed Hope and Resurrection of All Mankind
The Free Gift of Salvation
The Eternal Security of the Believer and the Eternal Punishment of the Lost
Heaven and Hell
Biblical Separation
The Local New Testament Church
Baptism and The Lord's Supper
Human Sexuality
Divorce and Remarriage
Civil Government